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My text-based work explores the process of repetition, and the metaphor and meaning of a single word or phrase. Using only written text and words, a system of communication with its own set of conventions, I am interested in engaging the absolutely literal, with a visual language that is universal. Through this meditative process, my work often highlights themes of place, tradition, accumulation, and memory.

HERE SERIES: (Landscapes)
Here (hir) adv. In or at this place. 2. To this place; hither. 3. At this point of time or stage of proceedings; now. 4. At a place indicted. 5. In the present life.

The HERE series has evolved from my personal reflections of specific moments in time in relation to place, and particularly, the unspeakable visual pleasure I experience on a daily basis living in Vermont. My paintings and photographs have become increasingly inspired by these rather ordinary days, just driving, when I feel completely overwhelmed and arrested by these fleeting, exact moments.

Lis*ten v. 1. To make an effort to hear; give ear. 2. To pay attention; give heed or compliance, as to warning or advice. –n. The act of listening.

In the LISTEN series, the image of a chair becomes a metaphor for the person that sits as the listener and the sitter whose story is being shared. The simple act of listening is a practice that continues to cause me to reflect upon its necessity. These chairs reference my own reflections as a listener. In my paintings, parts may appear to dissolve or become less clear at points, similar to the memories that we all carry and recall of those stories told.