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My art making is a response to the tender and emotional relationships within my life, rooted in notions of touch, love, and wonder that I experience as the result of being a parent, wife, artist, friend, and humble observer of the world. Being a parent has heightened my senses and clarified my desire to express an inner joy, wonder, and a contented unknowing about life.

Observing my children grow at a remarkable speed has reinforced my understanding that, like the making and experiencing of a painting, life itself is never static. We are constantly in flux, and the ways in which we see, perceive, and interpret the world around us (including art) are always changing. Dashes of paint, gestural strokes, and rhythmic marks that appear, become metaphors for human touch, personal exchange, our energy, and the shifting of time.

My painting has become a metaphor for my perception of life. There is a necessary give and take involved, a sensitivity to movement and rhythm that adjusts over time. Within the making of every painting there are moments of complete delight, utter despair, disorientation, and renewed elation. Through this process, I am interested in what becomes present in the physical, energetic and emotive act of painting itself. Consequently, as my viewer sits before my painting, the illusions that appear before them which feel both familiar and mysterious, and beautiful but raw, are what is the most compelling to me.